Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Assignment 8 Strat Man Int Class: Cooperative Strategy

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  1. Name : Januar Ali Akbar
    Student Number : C1L008024
    Major : International Accounting

    Question :
    Please explain about the strategic alliance!

    Answer :
    A strategic alliance is the primary cooperative strategy and represents a partnership between companies where companies resources, capabilities, and core competencies are combined to pursue mutual interests to develop, manufacture, or distribute goods or services. They represent explicit forms of relationships between companies.

  2. Parameita Nur Santi
    Accounting International

    Question :
    Please give examples of joint venture company

    Answer :
    Cingular (the cell phone provider) was a joint venture between SBC and BellSouth. (SBC then bought AT&T, rebranded itself as AT&T, then bought BellSouth, so Cingular is now AT&T Wireless).

    Aera Energy is a joint venture between Exxon and Royal Dutch Shell.

    Morgan Stanley and Citigroup are currently forming a joint venture between their brokerage units Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney.

  3. Name : Anggun Parassuci Adely
    NIM : C1L008051
    Major : Accounting International

    Question :
    What is the most important thing between partners that could increases the likelihood of alliance success and may be the most efficient mechanism for governing economic transactions?

    Answer :
    Trust. Trust creates confidence between partners that actions taken will serve both parties’ interests. Trust increases the probability that a company will understand its partner’s actual strategic intent as it participates in an alliance, which leads to more predictable partner actions. If both partners are trustworthy, companies are able to allocate fewer resources to monitor and control the alliance.

  4. Whilst we know Strategic Alliance as a relationship between two or more parties to pursue a set of agreed-upon goals, it would surely affect the partnering organization, there would be advantages or the upside as well as the downsides. Please mention the disadvantages of Strategic Alliance!

    Answer: The Disadvantages of Strategic Alliances

    ^ Alliances are costly, not only by the issue of cash leaving the company's hands, but rather about the returns from which it could be denied.

    ^ Alliances can create indirect costs by blocking the possibility of cooperating with competing companies, thus possibly even denying the company various financing options.

    ^ Exposing the company to its partners, and the unique technologies that it has are sometimes revealed to its partner company, which could later become a competitor or could utilize the fruits of the venture or the know-how better than the startup itself.
    In addition, strategic partners may often lead the company in directions that serve the partner company better than they do the company itself.

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