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Assignment International Class: Example of Corporate Level Strategy 2013

Please write example of companies that apply the following corporate level strategy:
1. Single business corporate strategy
2. Dominant business corporate strategy
3. Related constrained corporate strategy
4. Related link corporate strategy
5. Unrelated corporate strategy.

Please publish your work here as COMMENT. Every student write one example for one strategy. It means that each student write 5 examples for 5 strategies.

Don't forget to write your name and student number.
The latest is 14 April 2013.

Thank you.

Mr. AP


  1. Single business corporate strategy
    United Parcel, Inc (UPS) is an American global package delivery company headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States. UPS's primary business is the time-definite delivery of packages and documents worldwide. UPS reports its operations in three segments: U.S. Domestic Package operations, International Package operations, and Supply Chain & Freight operations.

    Dominant business corporate strategy
    Hershey Foods (chocolate and non-chocolate items, other grocery products like syrups, milk, cocoa mix etc).

    Related constrained corporate strategy
    Procter and amp; Gamble produce goods including personal care products, household cleaning products, laundry detergents, prescription drugs and disposable nappies.

    Related linked corporate strategy
    PepsiCo consists of drinks and snacks.

    Unrelated corporate strategy
    Conglomerate is a large company that consists of diverse divisions that produce and sell unrelated goods and services. Conglomerate companies tend to be large multinational corporations with operations in multiple regions of the world.

    Muhammad Arya Kurniawan

  2. Adlina Nindra Hapsari

    Single Business corporate strategy
    Toyota Astra
    toyota astra is the one of the biggest dealer company in indonesia,toyota astra just sell one product, thet selling a car.

    Dominant business corporate strategy
    Bank BTN there're many of product, but the most dominant they selling a housing credit ( KPR)

    Related linked corporate strategy
    GE Healthcare is developing an "intelligent" hospital robot system to sort and sterilize surgical tools.New GE technology merges big iron with big data to create brilliant machines. This convergence of machine and intelligent data is known as the Industrial Internet, and it's changing the way we work. Explore this page for ways in which GE technology is using the Industrial Internet to improve efficiency and operations, and play GE Wonderground to learn about how the technology that powers our cities has evolved throughout the last century.

    Related constrained corporate strategy
    PT bank danamon has a sister company, name is Adira insurance, and only limited to sell general insurance product.

    Unrelated corporate strategy
    PT.Bank Lippo, they decided for going in many sector property like Lippo Karawaci, Lippo Cikarang, and Lippo Development

  3. Rayi Susilo Praharsini
    1. Single business corporate strategy : the state-owned electric company (PLN)
    2. Dominant business corporate strategy : PERTAMINA
    3. Related constrained corporate strategy : Campbell Soup, Procter & Gamble, and Merck & Company all use a related constrained strategy, as do some large cable companies. With a related constrained strategy, a firm shares resources and activities between its businesses.
    4. Related link corporate strategy : Mars, Inc. The revenue comes from the dominant business (petcare/ whiskas) <70%. Linked firms share fewer resources and assets among their businesses.
    5. Unrelated corporate strategy : Bashundhara group, a Bangladeshi diversified company, and Microsoft, an American company, are the glaring example applying this strategy. In national context internal start-up and in international context acquisition is mostly used to materialise the strategy of unrelated diversification.

  4. Findi Verliana Utami

    1. Single business corporate strategy
    Example: Examples of companies that includes a single business is PDAM (Regional Water Company), PDAM revenue all comes from water providers, especially in each and every province without any other sources of income.
    2. Dominant business corporate strategy
    Example : PT. TRANS CORP , between 70%-95% revenue of PT. TRANS CORP from television industry, but PT.TRANS CORP also have Tourism Entertainment Industri in Makasar and Bandung.
    3. Related constrained corporate strategy
    Example: Honda Company has automobiles to finance, Honda has a wide array of products( car, motorcycle), selling spareparts and services to accommodate your needs.
    4. Related link corporate strategy
    Example: William Edward Boeing has mining companies and timber companies, the Pacific Aero Products Co, and Boeing property, with the exception of domestic servants.the divestiture, Boeing retired from the aircraft industry. Timber company and property are related.
    5. Unrelated corporate strategy
    Example: Sinar Mas Group operate in different sectors such as Pulp and Paper, Real Estate, Financial Services, Agribusiness, Telecommunications and Mining.

  5. Hendra Aditya

    Single Business corporate strategy
    Indonesian Aerospace Inc.
    is one of the indigenous aerospace company in Asia with core competence in aircraft design, development and manufacturing of civilian and military regional commuter aircraft. This company only produces parts of aerospace.

    Dominant business corporate strategy
    Blitzmegaplex is the biggest cinema chain in Indonesia that re-defines the movie-going experience. It has very good facilities. It provides various movies in the world such as Hollywood movies, Indonesia movies, and etc. Besides that they has restaurant, blitzGamesSphere, and selling food and baverages. But the dominant revenues come from provide Cinema.

    Related constrained corporate strategy
    PT. Kalbe Farma Tbk
    Pharmacy company which produces medicines and It have Apotic to sell their product and Also built Institute of Engineering and Business Kalbe In Jakarta. So that they have related between each other.

    Related link corporate strategy
    LG Electronics
    is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, and a member of the LG Group chaebol. The company operates its business through five divisions: Mobile Communications(LG Optimus L3), Home Entertainment, Home Appliances, Air Conditioning, and Energy Solutions. It is the world's second-largest television manufacturer. For computing and telecommunication it have link, but not with industrial machinery

    Unrelated corporate strategy
    Bakrie & Brothers
    Bakrie & Brothers has various company such as Agibusiness, Telecommunication, Properti, Education, Broadcasting, and Education. So the Business units not closely related

  6. Adhita Fatikha I.

    1. Single business corporate strategy :
    PT Sariwangi-AEA
    PT Sariwangi AEA was established in 1962, initially operated in the field of tea trading and later-on becoming a tea producer (produce tea on its own-self including blending and manufacturing packaged products). The company introduces a concept of tea bag in the Indonesia market using its own company brand called Sariwangi . then the income >95% from tea.

    2. Dominant business corporate strategy:
    Wm Wrigley Jr Company

    Wm Wrigley Jr Company, the world’s largest producer of chewing and bubble gums, historically used a single-business strategy while operating in relatively few product markets. Wrigley’s trademark chewing gum brands include Spearmint, Doublemint and Juicy Fruit. Wrigley shifted from its traditional focused strategy when it acquired the confectionery assets of Kraft Foods Inc. As Wrigley expanded, it may have intended to use the dominant business strategy with the diversification of its product lines beyond gum. With the dominant-business diversification strategy, the firm generates between 70 and 95 per cent of its total revenue within a single business area

    3. Related constrained corporate strategy:
    Johnson & Johnson

    Johnson & Johnson is The diversified health care giant operates in three segments. Its Pharmaceuticals division makes drugs for an array of ailments, such as neurological conditions, blood disorders, autoimmune diseases, and pain. Top sellers are psoriasis drug Remicade and schizophrenia medication Risperdal. J&J’s Medical Devices and Diagnostics division offers surgical equipment, monitoring devices, orthopedic products, and contact lenses, among other things. Its Consumer segment makes over-the-counter drugs and products for baby, skin, and oral care, as well as first aid and women’s health

    4. Related link corporate strategy:
    PT WINGS who Producing Household Cleaners, Personal Care and Food .This company manufactures many items not related to each other but to own less than 70% Revenue

    5. Unrelated corporate strategy:

    Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL)

    HWL is a leading international corporation committed to innovation and technology with businesses spanning the globe. Ports and related services, telecommunications, property and hotels, retail and manufacturing, and energy and infrastructure are HWL’s five core businesses. These businesses are not related to each other, and the firm makes no efforts to share activities or to transfer core competencies between or among them. Each of these five businesses is quite large; for example, the retailing arm of the retail and manufacturing business has more than 6200 stores in 31 countries. Groceries, cosmetics, electronics, wine and airline tickets are some of the product categories featured in these stores. This firm’s size and diversity suggest the challenge of successfully managing the unrelated diversification strategy. However, Hutchison’s CEO Li Ka-shing, has been successful at not only making smart acquisitions, but also at divesting businesses with good timing.

  7. Rangga Hidayat (C1L011005)April 14, 2013 at 12:44 PM

    1. Single business corporate strategy

    2. Dominant business corporate strategy
    Leica Camera (German Lens)
    - Leica Camera AG (in Camera business)
    - Leica Micro Systems GmbH (in Scanner business)
    - Leica Geo-systems AG (for Geo tools business)

    3. Related constrained corporate strategy
    Nikon Corporation
    (Nikon Lens= 70%,Nikon camera = 25%, Japan Optical Industry = 5% Microscope and related)

    4. Related link corporate strategy
    Panasonic Corp
    Panasonic Manufacture Indonesia (make product)
    Panasonic Gobel Indonesia (Sell & Distribute the PMI production)

    5. Unrelated corporate strategy.
    Hartono Brothers (R. Budi & Michael Hartono)
    owns in telecom outfit Sarana Menara Nusantara. Bank Central Asia . They also own clove cigarette maker Djarum, founded by their father in the 1950s


    Single business strategy
    PT. KAI
    is a company that engaged in transportation especially train. PT KAI doesn’t running in other business, only focus on transportation.

    Dominant business strategy
    PELNI is the national shipping company of Indonesia. Currently Pelni operates twenty-six ships, twenty-three of these are passenger ships that serve a variety of routes within the archipelago and connects all the main islands of Indonesia from Sumatra to Papua. Besides that, PELNI also has a hospital named RS.PELNI

    Related Constrained
    PT Kimia Farma is a pioneer in the Indonesian pharmaceutical industry. Kimia Farma has grown into a major healthcare company in Indonesia. Then there were PT. Kimia Farma Pharmacy, a subsidiary formed by Kimia Farma to manage company-owned pharmacies that exist.

    Related Linked
    which is in the business media company PT Media Corpora which consist of broadcasting (Trans and Trans7), besides that Transcorp also has businesses in the property (Trans Studio), retail, and lifestyle.

    Salim Group
    The Salim Group, was founded by Sudono Salim. is Indonesia's biggest conglomerate with assets including Indofood Sukses Makmur, the world's largest instant noodle producer, and Bogasari, a largest flour operation.

  9. Name : Wulan Ratnasari
    NIM : C1L011022

    1. Single business corporate strategy

    PT Krakatau Steel is one of the companies involved in the industry. PT KS that are excellent country and is the only company that supplies iron and steel requirements for both domestic and foreign.

    2. Dominant business corporate strategy

    MNC Group is a company engaged in a variety of fields. Ranging from news & media fields such as (MNC TV, RCTI, Global TV, SINDOtv) there are also other field such as insurance (Insurance MNC), home production (PT MNC Picture, SinemArt).

    3. Related constrained corporate strategy

    PT. Yamaha Motor Indonesia conducts its main business is the production of motorcycles. Additionally PT YMI issued Yamaha Genuine Part (YGP) as the recommended provider of spare parts for Yamaha motorcycles. It also issued a standard oil products quality Yamaha, Yamalube. Companies to improve efficiency and could gain an advantage from competitors.

    4. Related link corporate strategy

    Cipaganti Group is a company engaged in the public service providers have a variety of units. Among them are travel, rent a car, tours and ticketing, tourism buses are interlinked. However Cipaganti group also has a business unit that is not associated with the transportation services that are generally provided. Ie property sector, Cipaganti group build a residential complex area of Bandung.

    5. Unrelated corporate strategy

    Canon is a Japanese company specializing in optics and imaging products, including digital cameras, copiers, computer printers, scanners, binoculars, lenses and video recorder.

  10. Indah Purnamasari Eroika

    1. Single business corporate strategy

    PT Gudang Garam

    More than 95% revenue comes from the cigarette

    2. Dominant business corporate strategy

    Inul vista (karaoke bar)

    Between 70-95% of its revenue comes from karaoke which became the main business and the rest comes from selling food and drinks in it.

    3. Related constrained corporate strategy


    Pepsodent from Unilever not only produce toothpaste but also toothbrush, tongue cleaner, and mouthwash.

    4. Related link corporate strategy


    Yamaha not only produce motorcycle but they also produce oil, sparepart and musical instrument.

    5. Unrelated corporate strategy

    CT Corp

    CT Corp conglomerate. The company was founded by Chairul Tanjung. This company has several subsidiaries, Mega Corp, Trans Corp, and CT Global Resources that include financial services, mass media, retail, lifestyle, entertainment, and natural resources.

  11. Nama: Mira Nur Fajar S
    NIM: C1L011030

    Example of Corporate Level Strategy 2013
    1.Single business corporate strategy
    NOKIA revenue gained 95% of Mobile Products. Examples of companies using a single business that is NOKIA only focus on its mobile products.

    2.Dominant business corporate strategy
    Panasonic Corporation is comprised of various business domain companies, from AV to home appliances, to industrial solutions and other consumer electronic products. Each company has its distinct R&D, production, and sales functions that satisfy specific consumer needs worldwide.

    3.Related constrained corporate strategy
    Honda Motor Company provides a good example of leveraging a core competency through related diversification. Although Honda is best known for its cars and trucks, the company actually started out in the motorcycle business. Through competing in this business, Honda developed a unique ability to build small and reliable engines. When executives decided to diversify into the automobile industry, Honda was successful in part because it leveraged this ability within its new business. Honda also applied its engine-building skills in the all-terrain vehicle, lawn mower, and boat motor industries.

    4.Related link corporate strategy
    LG Corp. (Korean: LG 법인) is the second largest South Korean conglomerate company, headquartered in the LG Twin Towers in Yeouido-dong,Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. LG produces electronics, chemicals, and telecommunications products and operates subsidiaries like LG Electronics, LG Display, LG Telecom and LG Chem in over 80 countries.
    LG has a joint venture with Hitachi, Hitachi-LG Data Storage, which makes optical data storage devices like DVD-ROM drives, CD writers, etc.

    5.Unrelated corporate strategy
    Coca Cola
    It’s hard to imagine the logic behind such a move, but Coca-Cola did just this when it purchased Columbia Pictures in 1982 for $750 million. This is a good example of unrelated diversification, which occurs when a firm enters an industry that lacks any important similarities with the firm’s existing industry or industries. Why would a soft-drink company buy a movie studio? Luckily for Coca-Cola, its investment paid off—Columbia was sold to Sony for $3.4 billion just seven years later.

  12. Danang agustiar C1L011002

    1. Single business corporate strategy

    PepsiCo - Snack Food Industry business

    2. Dominant business corporate strategy

    MNC Group . Ranging from news & media fields such as (MNC TV, RCTI, Global TV, SINDOtv) .

    3. Related constrained corporate strategy

    Honda Motor Company . Although Honda is best known for its cars and trucks, the company actually started out in the motorcycle business.

    4. Related link corporate strategy

    Cipaganti Group . Among them are travel, rent a car, tours and ticketing, tourism buses are interlinked.

    5. Unrelated corporate strategy

    NESTLE corporation , making a different unrelated product

  13. Farida Nur Aida

    Single business corporate strategy :
    PT. Ford Motor Indonesia
    PT. Ford Motor Indonesia is a company engaged in the automotive field, which sells vehicles under the brand of America.

    Dominant business corporate strategy :
    Cineplex 21 Group
    Cineplex 21 Group is a network of cinemas in Indonesia and a pioneer of network cineplex in Indonesia. Cineplex 21 also provides facilities such as games, cafe, lounge but they are still the main income of the cinemas.

    Related constrained corporate strategy :
    Gillete Company
    The Gillette company is a company that focuses their efforts in the development, production and sales of consumer products such as personal care products and needs. Gillette blades and handles producing shaving products, but it also produces Broun Gillette electric shavers number one in Germany, not only that Gillette was producing toothbrush Oral B.

    Related link corporate strategy :
    Cussons only sell products for baby's skin needs it, such as soap, shampoo, baby oil, but later Cussons also produces skin care products for mothers who are pregnant or after giving birth, named Cussons First Years Mom, but it also produces Cussons Cussons Bottle and Nipple Cleaner (which has nothing to do with the baby's skin).

    Unrelated corporate strategy :
    PT. Dupont
    PT Dupont engaged in various fields of industry in Indonesia, including in the field of oil and gas, business units involved were DuPont Pipe Solution, DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise and DuPont Fluorochemicals. In the field of construction, there DuPont Powder Coatings, DuPont and DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions Protective Coating. While in the telecommunications sector, one of which is DuPontTM Kevlar ® Solutions for Fiber Optic Cables and plants in there DuPont Fluoropolymer Solutions.

  14. Santy Arlieza Wijayanti

    Single business corporate strategy
    Kia Motors , is South Korea's second-largest automobile manufacturer, with sales of over 1.6 million vehicles in 2012. Kia concentrate on reducing cost.

    Dominant business corporate strategy
    Tiffany & co. there're many product of accessory , but the most dominant they sales jewelry.

    Related constrained corporate strategy
    The Body Shop International plc, known as The Body Shop, has 2,400 stores in 61 countries. The company, is now part of the L'Oréal corporate group. They produce all daily need for body treatment and related to L’oreal who sales hair and head treatment.

    Related link corporate strategy
    William Edward Boeing has mining companies and timber companies, the Pacific Aero Products Co, and Boeing property, with the exception of domestic servants.the divestiture, Boeing retired from the aircraft industry. Timber company and property are related.

    Unrelated corporate strategy
    Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation specialized in the manufacture of imaging and optical products, including cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, steppers, computer printers and medical equipment

  15. Gagat Agus Wasito

    1.Single business corporate strategy - PDAM (Region Water Company)

    This company focus on the availability of clean water in every region.

    2.Dominant business corporate strategy - Trans Corp.

    Its main revenue comes from its broadcast business which TV channel Trans7 and Trans TV. However, Trans Corp has other businesses in the form of entertainment venues which is located in the Trans Studio Makassar and Bandung. Trans Studio is often used for the shooting of Trans7 or Trans TV.

    3.Related constrained corporate strategy -Gramedia

    Gramedia business group includes Gramedia Bookstore, PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama (book publishing), Popular Library Scholastic (publisher of popular science and humanities), and Gramedia Magazine.

    4.Related link corporate strategy - YKK Group (YKK株式会社 YKK Kabushikigaisha )

    YKK Group has the largest zipper company in the world, they are also engaged in manufacturing machinery and industrial architecture

    5.unrelated corporate strategy - Bakrie Group

    Bakrie Group is in charge of the ANTV (PT Ckrawala Andalas Television), life insurance, mining and education (Bakrie University)

  16. Sarach Fauziah C1L011014


    Producers in Indonesia can be exemplified Botol Sosro as companies that perform a single business diversification. This company’s revenue 95% or more comes from the core business, namely tea from plantations to miuman bottled tea.


    Examples of dominant business firms are PT Dirgantara which only focuses on aircraft business. PT Dirgantara revenues more than 70-95% of the manufacture of aircraft and the rest of the aircraft maintenance services, aircraft modification, and so on


    PERTAMINA's scope of business incorporates the upstream and downstream sectors. The upstream sector covers oil, gas and geothermal energy exploration and production both domestically and overseas. The foregoing is pursued through own operations and through partnerships in the form of joint operations with JOBs (Joint Operating Bodies), TACs (Technical Assistance Contracts) and JOCs (Joint Operating Contracts), whereas the downstream sector includes processing, marketing, trading and shipping. Commodities produced range from Fuel (BBM) and Non Fuel (Non BBM), LPG, LNG, petrochemicals to Lube Base oil.


    Philips Electronics N.V. (Royal Philips Electronics, commonly known as Philips) is one of the largest electronics companies in the world and employs around 122,000 people across more than 60 countries. Philips is organized into three main divisions: Philips Consumer Lifestyle (formerly Philips Consumer Electronics and Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care), Philips Healthcare (formerly Philips Medical Systems) and Philips Lighting. As of 2012 Philips was the largest manufacturer of lighting in the world measured by applicable revenues.


    Casio products include calculators, mobile phones, cameras, musical instruments and watches. It was founded in 1946, and in 1957 released the world's first entirely electric compact calculator.

  17. Name: Handhika Tiyakusuma
    NIM : C1L011010

    1. Single Business Corporate Strategy = PT. DJARUM
    PT. Djarum is a company that get the earned more than 95% from sale of cigarettes.

    2. Dominant Business Corporate Strategy = UPS
    UPS (United Parcel Service) generated 61 percent of its revenue from its U.S. package delivery business and 22 percent from its international packages business with the remaining 17 percent coming from the firm's non-package business.

    3. Related Constrained Corporate Strategy = Merck & Company

    4. Related Link Corporate Strategy = Reebok
    Reebok is producer of athletic shoes, apparel, and accessories. CEO Paul Fireman hired Vanto Group to help define and articulate a future for Reebok, and launch its implementation by an effective leadership team.

    5. Unrelated Corporate Strategy = COCA COLA

  18. NAME : Anggita Sekar Naomi
    NIM : C1L009016

    1. Single business corporate strategy
    the example of this case is PT KAI. as we know PT KAI is an goverment company that focus in train as transportation.

    2. Dominant business corporate strategy
    PT Rita Ritelindo. Rita Ritelindo has business concern to be a ritel company. and now has 9 outlet. 4 in Purwokerto and 5 that spread into some cities like Cilacap, Tegal, etc. but beside the ritel concern, Rita Ritelindo has some kind of business like Rita Park, Mall, etc

    3. Related constrained corporate strategy
    PT Unilever, a company that focuses on daily needed.

    4. Related link corporate strategy
    Rolls Royce founded as a factory that produce machine for plane. but now, they have some other like :
    - Rolls Royce plc that focus at plane machine
    - Rolls Royce Motor Cars Limited that focus at manufacturer of Rolls-Royce automobiles since 1999, a BMW subsidiary
    - Bentley Motors was acquired by Volkswagen in 1998, with the Rolls-Royce brand separately licensed (by Rolls-Royce plc) to BMW to establish a new car company

    5. Unrelated corporate strategy.
    SONY. Sony is a company that focuses not only for cellphone but camera, lenses, laptop etc

  19. Adrik A'lal Marom/C1L011001

    1. Single business corporate strategy:

    PT Bank Negara Indonesia- more than 95% revenue comes from financial transaction only.

    2. Dominant business corporate strategy:

    Real Madrid- Most of revenue comes from football Competition. But, they have shop, academy, and museum.

    3. Related constrained corporate strategy:

    Kawasaki Motor Company- They linkages the business by producing sparepart, transportation, and repair shop.

    4. Related link corporate strategy:

    Smartfren Company- They have many product in a limited link business, such us mobile phone, Internet connector, and SIM Card.

    5. Unrelated corporate strategy:

    Bakrie Company- They spread their business in many area and there are no common liks between the business. Such us, telecomunication, oil, football club, agribusiness, and mining.

  20. ista oktina ( C1L011031)

    1. Single Business corporate strategy: PT. PLN Persero which this state is only moving at the electrical service to the Society over Indonesia.
    2. Dominant business corporate strategy: PT. Kalbe Farma can be categorized as diversified companies dominant business. The company's revenue by 70 to 95% coming from the area busines single pharmaceutical product.
    3. Related linked corporate strategy: Royal Philips Electronics is a company in the world,. Philips brands including Philips, Norelco, Marantz and Magnavox. The company was founded in 1891 in Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands, primarily as a manufacturer of incandescent lamps and other electrical products. The company first produced carbon incandescent lamp and, at the turn of the century, it has become one of the largest manufacturers in Europe. Later, the company diversified into other areas such as small electronics, semiconductor lighting, medical systems and household care products, among others.

    4. Related constrained corporate strategy :Yamaha Motor Indonesia conducts its main business is the production of motorcycles. Additionally PT Yamaha Genuine Part as the recommended provider of spare parts for Yamaha motorcycles.oil products quality Yamaha, Yamalube. Companies to improve efficiency and could gain an advantage from competitors.
    5. Unrelated corporate strategy: Bakrie binis conducted by the Bakrie Group. Businesses that are done under the banner of the Bakrie Group, among others, specializing in the Indonesian television media such as quiz, TV ONE and Lativi. In other fields, Bakrie menibarkan his power as king business, such as in education, Bakrie enliven business in this field by establishing schools named Bakrie School. In addition, well established insurance company Bakrie, Bakrie Life.

  21. RIZA RIYANTI ( C1L011020 )

    1. Single business corporate strategy.
    JNE at present, supported by more than three thousands of trained Human Resources, JNE has successfully established more than 50 offices with CSL’s and 1500 points of services all over the country. Now with the agreement of JNE in the Netherlands as sales office for the European countries.

    2. Dominant business corporate strategy
    PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk is an Indonesia-based food manufacturing company. Its operation ranges from the production of raw materials to consumer products in the market. The Company's business activities are classified into four business groups: consumer branded products business group, which consists of noodles, dairy, food seasonings, snack foods, nutrition and special foods, packaging and export; Bogasari, which engages in wheat flour production; agribusiness group, which consists of two divisions, namely plantations, and edible oil and fats; and distribution business group, which covers the distribution of Company’s products. As of December 31, 2011, the Company had 21 direct subsidiaries which were based in Indonesia, British Vrigin Islands, Mauritius and Singapore.

    3. Related constrained corporate strategy
    MNC Group is the largest and only integrated media company in Indonesia, with operations encompassing from content production, content distribution, nationwide television networks, television program channels, newspaper, tabloid, radio networks and online media. Future development will include acquisition and consolidation of Pay TV business to complement our content distribution activities.

    4. Related link corporate strategy
    PT. Mayora Indah Tbk or the Mayora Group is one of the consumer product business group in Indonesia, which was established on February 17, 1977. This company has been listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange since July 4, 1990. The Mayora Group manufactures several product lines, namely: Biscuits( among them, Roma and Better), Candy( Kopiko, Kis, Tamarin, plonk ), Wafer( Beng-Beng and Astor), Chocolate( Choki-Choki and Danisa), Cereals( Energen), Coffee( Torabika), Porridge( Super Bubur), Instant noodles( Mi Gelas), Drinks( Vitazone)

    5. Unrelated corporate strategy.
    CIPUTRA GROUP is a company engaged in various business areas which are unrelated to them, such as Ciputra Hospital (healt care facilities), Ciputra school (edication), Universitas Ciputra, Ciputra Golf, Club & Hotel (recreational & sports), Star / Aura (magazine), Citra Garden City (township and housing)

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  23. MASSAID RESNA (C1L011011)

    1.Single business corporate strategy
    The William Wrigley Jr. Company is a company headquartered in the Wrigley Building in Chicago, Illinois The company was founded on April 1, 1891, originally selling products such as soap and baking powder. In 1892, William Wrigley Jr., the company's founder, began packaging chewing gum with each can of baking powder. The chewing gum eventually became more popular than the baking powder itself and Wrigley's reoriented the company to produce the popular chewing gum.

    2. Dominant business corporate strategy
    PepsiCo Inc. is an American multinational food and beverage corporation headquartered in Purchase, New York, United States, with interests in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products. PepsiCo has since expanded from its namesake product Pepsi to a broader range of food and beverage brands.

    3. Related constrained corporate strategy
    The Procter & Gamble Company, also known as P&G, is an American multinational consumer goods company headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Its products include pet foods, cleaning agents and personal care products. Prior to the sale of Pringles to Kellogg Company, its product line included foods and beverages.

    4. Related link corporate strategy
    Philip Morris International Inc. is an American global cigarette and tobacco company, with products sold in over 200 countries with 15.6% of the international cigarette market outside the United States.

    5. Unrelated corporate strategy
    Sara Lee Corporation was an American consumer-goods company based in Downers Grove, Illinois It had operations in more than 40 countries and sold its products in over 180 nations worldwide. Its international operations were headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands.

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